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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Something interesting

I saw this recently and thought it was interesting that more people play Lineage than currently play Lineage II. There are several other charts at this site, including some that show all the peaks and valleys (I'm sure from various new content releases). They primarily base their information on monthly fees, so Guild Wars isn't listed.  I'd love to see how my favorite game stacked up to the rest. I also wonder if the information they get on LOTRO is skewed by the fact that there are many lifetime subscriptions (at least I know I have one). Do we show up in that 1.2% of the MMOG Market Share? If not all my hours of gaming are completely ignored by these stats.

To be honest, I just don't see why so many people play WoW!  It's such an ugly game to me.  Then again, Guild Wars spoiled me with its graphics and lack of (required) grinding.  I love the level cap, the competitive PvP, and the versatility of characters.  If I want a grinding game, I'll go back to my Lifetime subscription to LOTRO.  At least there I can play with "famous" imaginary people. hehe

Posted at 11:39 am by Luke-Amy
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Posted this on my blog, but thought someone might still visit here too. . .

Posted at 10:09 am by Luke-Amy
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Friday, June 09, 2006
Something interesting for bored visitors

Since my pledgemates never take time from their intense leveling to post, (Luke tells me their gaming is much more interesting than this blog would indicate) I thought I would post a couple of Lineage videos for the entertainment of our visitors.

Yes, Blue, +10 is possible!

Wouldn't this be handy 

Happy gaming!


Posted at 10:43 am by Luke-Amy
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Its been a while since my last  post.  i havent been up to anything too wild. I started leveling again (gogo 54), and even managed to blow some swords.  i am now 0/11 on loa with +9 swords, and 1/12 life time.  these are numbers 8-11.

 i also managed to get a couple bosses

hopefully i will have more to post in a bit...(a level up maybe)

Posted at 06:02 pm by BlueMeanie
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Monday, April 17, 2006
Prymus Level's Up!!!

First off congratz to Prymus for hitting 50...you worked hard buddy...enjoy it but don't slack off!!! Go for Kurtz now!!!

Here are drops from pass 2 weeks...enjoy...

Went to Re007

Went to her



Bzel,Bdai, Nzel

Still for sale ^.^

Majority of these hunts Cursedmage is there...w/o him these wouldn't be here

so wanted to recognize him since he can't post..>.<...

Posted at 05:27 pm by YuGa0
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Friday, March 31, 2006
Cursedmage's blowing spree!!!!

Cursedmage wanted me to post these for him...he went wild and blew 6 Kaiser weapons....yes 6...five Kaiser xbows and one kaiser claw...enjoy...it hurted me >.<





5 and 6




Posted at 06:33 pm by YuGa0
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I'M BACK!!!!!

K 2 weeks of drops...enjoy

To start off, finally complished my mission to kill Grim Reaper...







Went with Cursedmage and Earnhart...rich cougar

Friend called me...sold it cheap to him ^.^...thanx JP


Posted at 05:59 pm by YuGa0
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Monday, March 27, 2006

This is me making a post cause im bored out of my a**

Lineage is been pretty boring lately, not much going on i havent lvled for about 2 weeks. And i got owned at aden siege!!!

Posted at 01:47 am by Players
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Friday, March 03, 2006
Welcome home

Well guys it has come to that time that i have returned from my long journey away from this drama bringing game... i have found time to finally get to play my games and i came back to this one after a 6 month break.


And amy give me back the privilage to post pics x.x and maybe put music :D i would post stuff from previous times i have taken to remember or whatever but i dont have permission anyways ill post pics later


Posted at 02:36 am by EnVDiS
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Thursday, February 09, 2006
YogurtELF joins the Chingoo Boards :)



Hey Folks.  I don't have much new stuff to post, but I had a bunch of older screenshots that may bring you some entertainment.  Let's see... where to begin...

My friend Flak showed me some of his items.  Man, did this make me feel poor!

This is me hunting with Earnhardt and xxxxKyoxxxx on 49f.  We had to use Area of Silence just to make it up the stairs. :)

And this is the best interaction I've ever had with a Monitor...


Posted at 01:14 pm by YogurtELF
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